5 hardest to resist snacks in Da Nang New Street Food

5 hardest to resist snacks in Da Nang New Street Food

Da Nang is not too large, but it is a quite rich place to eat. Today, New Street Food would like to introduce five snacks that are popular with young people in Da Nang.

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5 hardest to resist snacks in Da Nang New Street Food
5 hardest to resist snacks in Da Nang New Street Food

My Favorite is Nature Tourism and Culinary

1. Rice paper sandwiches
It can be said that this is an indispensable snack in the street food menu of young people in Da Nang.
Derived from the coconut rice cake baked on embers with shredded beef and diluted broth, this snack has now had many different variations to change its taste. 
The equally attractive ingredients are added such as quail egg paper rolls, pate sandwiches, squid sandwiches.
the two basic types are dry and wet( also known as spread and roll).
This snack has always attracted the students and students.
For the dry type, people use coconut rice paper, pre-cut into triangular pieces, put on embers, sweep a layer of diluted chili sauce( or soy sauce), then quickly break raw quail eggs.
( or paste) onto the surface of the cake, spread it out with a spoon. 
Next, people add scallions, chopped scallions, and dried beef on top, wait for the eggs to just ripening, then place them on a plate, so do continuously according to customer requirements.
Similarly, with the wet type, people dip the rice paper in cold water to soften it, then spread it on a charcoal stove, add your choice of ingredients with the above ingredients, and roll into a rectangle( or triangle). 
For tidy, wait for the crust just to burn, then take it out right away so that when using the cake, it still remains soft.
When eating, one can choose one of four dipping sauces, dried beef broth, broth, chili sauce, or ketchup( all of which are homemade) to eat with for more richness.
The hot cake, fragrant, blended in the fat leopard of the filling, the mild spiciness of the sauce, this snack makes all senses attracted and irresistible.
The shops selling rice paper sandwiches are concentrated in Phan Chau Trinh, Le Duan streets in Hai Chau district. 
The price for each cake plate( from 4- 5 pieces) is about 10, 000- 12, 000 VND.

2. Mixed jackfruit
Jackfruit is a snack that is not unfamiliar to many people and is especially popular among women along with other mixes such as mango mixed with dried beef, beef squash.
Jackfruit is made from boiled young jackfruit, finely chopped, mixed with pork skin, herbs are also cut fibers and definitely cannot lack peanuts or chili sauce to increase flavor and add eye-catching.
The jackfruit dish is mixed with many colors, smells up, is a combination of many flavors, both soft and fragrant, and when eaten, everyone rubs it.
Each plate of mixed jackfruit is priced from 10, 000 to 15, 000 VND, very suitable for young people's pockets, so it quickly becomes a favorite snack that many people choose.
Young people can find and enjoy this dish at Le Duan Street( Hai Chau District), Bui Thi Xuan( Son Tra District).

3. Coconut jelly
In the heat of the weather, there is nothing more joyous than sitting and eating cool, soft, and sweet coconut jelly with friends, slowly enjoying the fat, the sweetness of coconut milk mixed with caramel. 
with cool jelly.
On hot days, the stalls selling this snack are crowded. 
In addition to coconut jelly, which is the most consumed, there are also three- color jelly, chocolate jelly.
The price for each plate is 8, 000 VND, coconut jelly is 35, 000 VND, easy to find on Hai Phong, Nguyen Van Linh( Hai Chau district).

4. Salt yogurt
This strange name seems to be only in a joke or in a children's toy game, but it is a real snack and many young people in Da Nang love it.
Even a street specializing in selling salt yogurt has been formed, with more than a dozen shops lying close together, there is always no one. 
Many shops do not have seats during rush hour.
Nothing fussy, still just small bottles of yogurt, cool, now served with a plate of refined salt. 
Only that but still attracts so many people, especially you are still in school.
The cold, sweet and sour yogurt is now" increased" by refined salt, it is strange to eat it, new people may not like it, but it is easy to be addicted when it comes to eating. 
A plate of salted yogurt has about ten jars, priced at only 15, 000 VND.
This dish is available on Bui Thi Xuan Street( Son Tra District).

5. Rice milk
After being satisfied with the salty snacks mentioned above, many people choose rice milk for refreshments. 
People make rice milk by using glutinous rice or non-glutinous rice that has been thoroughly soaked, finely ground, and then put dry cinnamon and warm water overnight, helping the essence of the rice and the aroma of cinnamon to secrete in the water.
After that, people grind again and filter again many times, followed by adding fresh milk and granulated sugar according to the ratio appropriate to taste.
When using it, we add ice, many places even sprinkle a little more cinnamon powder to make it smell, drink it very cool and fragrant.
This is a strange snack that a lot of people have become loyal fans of after trying.
A glass of rice milk costs about 8, 000 VND, sold on Phan Chau Trinh street. 

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