5 must try stylish dishes of Saigon youth New Street Food


5 must-try stylish dishes of Saigon youth New Street Food

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5 must try stylish dishes of Saigon youth New Street Food
5 must-try stylish dishes of Saigon youth New Street Food

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1. Lemon tea slashes the wind
Following the big trend of sidewalk snacks, lemon tea slashing the wind was born and young people were warmly welcomed by its rustic, cheap but also very stylish.
Inherently a cultural characteristic of Hanoi, lemon tea slashing sidewalks quickly spread throughout Saigon with a series of high-class shops with air- conditioning, bamboo stalls, eye-catching decorations to the right pavement stalls. with some simple plastic chairs.
However, because the profits from this trend were so great that many people had greed, opening poor quality lemon tea shops made young people start to fear and this trend also cooled down.
Average price: 8, 000- 15, 000/ glass depending on the level of the pavement of the restaurant.

2. Sweet soup in the chunk
Nhucong tea
is not a new dish because it has appeared for a long time as desserts in restaurants, weddings... with simple ingredients such as lychee and white chrysanthemum tea. But about the past 2 months, the white tea has become a familiar snack of young people with variations of all kinds such as green tea jelly, more fruit, more jelly, chocolate chunk, mixed rattan...
The owner of New Street Food on D5 Street, Binh Thanh District said:“ In the past, the shop only sold street snacks such as scrubbing, fried dishes, mixed rice paper... but since the
emergence of white tea. then the shop also learns how to process and add this tea to the list of cuisines.”
Average price: 18, 000- 25, 000/ cup of tea

3. Noodles with shrimp paste and fish sauce
Also,, a dish originating from Hanoi, noodles with shrimp paste and shrimp sauce have stormed in Saigon for a long time with a strange, delicate but also very unique taste like a rustic country girl. conquering many beautiful men and women with the rustic features of vegetables, vermicelli, crispy tofu, spring rolls, and especially fragrant fish sauce.
Noodles with shrimp paste and shrimp paste do not require too much sophistication in the way of processing, but each ingredient and raw material has quite a high requirement.
Specifically, the type of vermicelli used in the vermicelli beans and shrimp fish sauce must be leaf vermicelli, cut into bite-sized pieces. Shrimp sauce, the soul of the dish must be delicious, but not greasy, fragrant,, and has a strong flavor. Tofu, whether deep-fried, really crispy,, or lightly fried, is hot, but it's soft and smooth
A young friend from Saigon shared:“ Tired of greasy fish and fish dishes. Eating rice noodles with shrimp paste and shrimp paste feels light and simple. The change in taste also makes the food taste much better.”
Average price: 40, 000- 50, 000/ piece
Attractive rustic food

4. Cheese sticks
Sticky cheese becomes a snack that can be compared to fried foods such as fish ball, beef ball, wonton... and is quickly loved by female friends because inside it is clearly sour and mildly fragrant cheese, plus very chewy cheese strands eaten crunchy, delicious,, and creamy in the mouth.
However, after appearing for a while, the suspect sticky cheese stick is made from rubber originating from China, causing many young people to start" say no" to this strange dish.
Thu Huong said:“ When I first appeared, my friends were addicted to eating cheese sticks. But since I heard that cheese is made in China, I suddenly felt scared and did not dare to eat more.
Average price: 8, 000- 15, 000/ tree
Cheese stick

5. Take away coffee
Recently,“ take away” coffee is also the choice of many dynamic young Saigonese.
Convenience, dynamism, abundant drinks, and reasonable prices are the reasons why the“ take away” coffee shop is attracting more and more young people.
Although quieter than the above dishes and more suitable for young people World Health Organization has gone to work, the takeaway cafes for active Saigon youth are still quite crowded every day.

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