5 snacks not to be missed in Singapore New Street Food

5 snacks not to be missed in Singapore New Street Food

In Singapore, the government integrates street vendors into food centers. 
This not only makes it easy for people to sell but also ensures hygienic standards for all eaters. 
Coming to Singapore, visitors will be very secure about the hygienic quality of street food, without having to worry about the stomach.
Surely you have heard about chicken rice dish and peanut bar dish( Laska)- a famous noodle dish of Singapore. 
So in this introduction to the street food of Singapore, we will introduce to readers 5 other favorite street food, as suggested by the PBS site.

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5 snacks not to be missed in Singapore New Street Food
5 snacks not to be missed in Singapore New Street Food

My Favorite is Nature Tourism and Culinary

1. Raw fish salad/ Yusheng
Yusheng means raw fish, but this street food is Chaozhou style. 
Often described as a different version of the dish Carpaccio( sliced​​raw fish, watered with olive oil, and let it cool before eating) of Singapore.

2. Water rice cake/ Chwee Kueh
Chwee Kueh means water rice cake, made with water and rice flour, steamed on a small tin. They are smooth and silky, on top of which are fried radish and chili sauce, often served as a snack.
Each chef will have their own secret to smooth rice cakes.

3. Egg Noodles/ Lor Mee
Made in the Fujian noodle style, Lor Mee is a classic Singaporean dish. 
A delicious bowl of egg noodles covered basil with fish cakes and pork.
At first glance, you can see that the Lor Mee Noodles are not delicious at all. 
But don't be fooled by its appearance because once you taste its rich black sauce, you will remember… half a lifetime.
A rich black soy sauce is often the deciding factor for a regular or premium bowl of Lor Mee, and it is made by stewing a mixture of pork bones, eggs, and spices. 
Sometimes people also use potatoes or cornstarch to thicken this dish.

4. Rojak
Rojak is one of the typical dishes of Singapore. 
Rojak in Malay means blend is a traditional vegetable and fruit salad that is commonly used as an appetizer.

5. Popiah
Popiah came to Singapore by Chaozhou immigrants. 
It's a thin crepe filled with seafood, meat, and vegetables before being rolled up like a spring roll.
The main ingredients of popiah are shrimp, minced pork, eggs, jicama, braised vegetables, fried garlic, and sauces. 

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