7 snacks you can not miss in Saigon New Street Food

7 snacks you can not miss in Saigon New Street Food

Among the many delicious dishes in Saigon, you can still find snacks that seem very familiar but still no less interesting.
Saigon cuisine is extremely rich and varied. 
Coming to this city, you can find your own romantic corners or mix with the vibrant atmosphere around you to fully enjoy the flavor and beauty of dishes from many regions, regions, and backgrounds. 
different cultures. 
In that colorful world, snacks are a color that cannot be ignored. 
Tourists or locals are" fascinated" by these dishes.

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7 snacks you can not miss in Saigon New Street Food
7 snacks you can not miss in Saigon New Street Food

My Favorite is Nature Tourism and Culinary

1. Crab soup
This is a popular dish regardless of hot or cold weather, it is also a snack that is sold from the restaurant to the street. 
A delicious soup is usually hot, white of eggs, red crab meat, the aroma of pepper, cilantro. 
Add a little chili, a little soy sauce, eat it all the time. 
A little fussy, you can call for more pig brain( of course the price must be different). 
Even the bag of soup brought back must be very hot, very good quality, to go home the soup is still warm.

2. Fried bananas
Banana fry is a snack that is present in almost all provinces of our country. 
In Saigon, in the morning or from 14am onwards, it is not difficult to find this snack at markets, school gates, crossroads.
The general recipe of the dish is breaded bananas and fried in a pan of fried oil. 
Simple as that, but the small car selling fried bananas, fried sweet potatoes in Xo Viet Nghe Tinh alley only sells from 14g- 17g daily but consumes about 20 bunches of bananas and more than 20kg of sweet potatoes and from the time of delivery to the time Out of stock, customers lined up in long lines.
The secret of the salesgirl lies in the second most important ingredient: flour. 
Nobody knows what the dough is, how it tastes but not only fragrant but also quite tasty and delicious that even those who hate fried foods while sipping bananas or fried sweet potatoes at the restaurant can't help but want to. 
tasted more, and ate it day after day, still craving it.

3. Steamed rice with cotton rubs
This snack was once forgotten but is now being loved all over the streets of Saigon. 
The harmony between the crispness of the pure white burnt rice, the savory of the cotton, the fragrant aroma of the red shrimp, the fatty aroma of the onion, the spicy and sour sauce of the sauce makes the burned rice floss on the road. 
Nam Ky Khoi Nghia goes deeply into the hearts of Saigon diners as well as young people who love this snack.
The price of such a box is 30, 000 VND with a shelf life of 2 days- still crispy, if stored in the refrigerator, it can be left for up to a week but the burned rice is no longer as crispy as it originally was. 
This item also accepts to supply cooked rice to bring abroad or other provinces. 
Each time like that must put on 10 pieces, each piece costs 40, 000 VND.

4. Mixed rice paper
It is unknown from now that mixed rice paper has become a familiar snack and has won a lot of love from young Saigonese. 
Mixed rice paper originated from Tay Ninh. 
At that time, the people of Tay Ninh felt sorry for the broken rice paper samples, which were used to mix with satay, onion oil, and some other ingredients to eat. 
In the long run, this snack becomes a favorite dish, imported to Saigon. 
The main ingredient for mixing rice paper is chopped rice paper. 
Previously, the seller had to chop rice paper, mixed it with other typical ingredients such as Tay Ninh shrimp salt, satay, beef jerky, kumquat, quail eggs.
But now there is a kind of rice paper that has been chopped. 
available, manufactured in Tay Ninh, exclusively used for mixed rice paper. 
Currently, the majority of mixed rice paper sellers in HCM City use this type of rice paper material.
The ingredients for making mixed rice paper, including shrimp salt, quail eggs, dried beef or squid, black dried beef, kumquat… are generally quite fragmented. 
It is thanks to the broth( usually beef jerky) and satay, when mixed in, has the role of bonding these ingredients and creating an unforgettable flavor of mixed rice paper. 
If it is a delicious rice paper, the rice paper after mixing will become soft but still chewy. 
Eat a piece in your mouth to feel the sweet and sour sweetness, the aroma and chewiness of dried or squid-dried beef, the taste of roasted peanuts, and add a quail egg that is both fatty and fragrant. 
Diners also feel the unique deliciousness of the mixed rice paper thanks to a little spicy satay and chopped laksa leaves.
Mixed rice paper is not only delicious but also quite affordable for young people. 
The price of a mixed rice paper bought in street vendors is now from VND 10, 000 to VND 15, 000. 
The image of schoolgirls, even office workers wearing office clothes after school or work, holding a bag of rice paper, and eating snacks with friends and colleagues have become extremely familiar. 
belongs on the streets of Saigon.

5. Fried dough
Having been a snacker, it is impossible not to mention fried flour. 
The fried dough plate has the yellow color of the fried dough, the red color of the yolk, the white color of the egg whites. 
Also decorated with red chili sauce, the pinkish-white color of sliced​​papaya, the green color of some herbs leaves. 
The delicious fried dough must have the crispness of the crust, the consistency of the dough, the aroma of the eggs, and the heat of the dish.

6. Dumplings
There are two types of fried dumplings and steamed dumplings. 
Steamed dumplings have chewy skin, dipped in soy sauce with chili sauce. 
Crispy fried dumplings again. 
But the most favorite is to bite into the sweet flesh of the flesh, the strong flavor of onions, and the aroma of pepper. 
Steamed dumplings are usually served with coriander, fried dumplings with a few slices of tomatoes, thinly sliced​​cucumbers.

7. Fried quail butter
The butter-fried quail appeals to passersby because of its rich aroma. 
Delicious buttered quails are natural golden brownish quails, not food red. 
The soft, fatty taste of the meat. 
When eaten, the meat should be fatty, soft, and the head, wings, and legs should be crispy. 
Quail sauce and hot bread are also some of the features that make this dish appealing to hungry stomachs. 

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