How to Avoid Gaining Weight Junk Food

How to Avoid Gaining Weight Junk Food

Are you still struggling to get rid of excess fat? According to a recent survey, the culprit may be your job!
Research results in 1947 women show that on average a female office worker spends one-third of the calories allowed on just junk food.
More than half( 51%) of the women surveyed confessed that they get 650- 750 calories from junk food every day, and about 87% of them regularly bring snacks to sip at work.

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How to Avoid Gaining Weight Junk Food
How to Avoid Gaining Weight Junk Food

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A poll conducted by MyVoucherCodes. co. The UK shows that chocolate is the top choice with 41% of women love, followed by fruit, which is healthier with 36%, in 31% liked to eat crispy potato chips.
Since female office workers often spend most of their time sitting in one place at the desk, consuming less energy, it is understandable to know that it is not hunger, but boredom that causes them. 
eat non-stop.
Nearly half( 49%) of women say that they eat a lot because of boredom while 11% say they only eat socially.
" In a workplace environment, we are easily attracted to the junk food that is available, and resisting them is not easy," said Mark Pearson, president of  MyVoucherCodes. co. The UK.
Chris Jones, head of the physiology department of the Nuffield Institute of Health, recommends the following reasonable measures to avoid" cravings due to boredom" syndrome.

Have breakfast. 
This will help stabilize your blood sugar and keep you energized all day.
Take a 5- minute break every hour, but leave your desk to avoid snacking- going for a walk and chatting with coworkers is better than just emailing them.
Itself snacking is not bad. 
Always carry healthy snacks with you so you don't have to eat biscuits or pastries in the office. 
Fruits, peanuts, cheese, rice cakes, and yogurt are all healthy foods, but you need to plan and combine foods in proportion.
Keep your hands busy. 
Hold a small ball or a deck of cards in your hand to play.
Keep food away from you. 
Make sure your colleague also understands that you don't want to see any biscuits around you. 

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