Best Famous Street Food in Hanoi

Best Famous Street Food in Hanoi

Famous street food in Hanoi New Street Food- Clean snacks- Skewers

Best Famous Street Food in Hanoi
Best Famous Street Food in Hanoi
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1. Dao Duy Tu Street
Located parallel to Ta Hien is Dao Duy Tu street. Although the menu and dining density are not as thick as the" neighborhood" side, the famous lemon tea shop here alone is enough to create a juicy atmosphere for the whole street.
Hanoi teenagers like to gather on Dao Duy Tu street not only because this place sells the first picture tea in Hanoi, but also because the lemon tea here is more" pure", marinated with very fragrant jasmine. Moreover, the shop also has delicious and beautiful dishes of sweet potato, banana, and foot Chau.
In addition to the picture tea shop, Dao Duy Tu street is also known for its Phu Ly roll cake shop or the delicious, cheap, and very attractive charcoal barbecue rice shop. Therefore, coming to this street around noon or evening, surely, people who are addicted to snacks can't help but be moved.
Lemon tea, potato tea, and charcoal barbecue rice on Dao Duy Tu street.

2. Ta Hien Old Town
Many years ago, this place mostly served only foreigners to travel to Vietnam, but in recent years, I don't know if it is because of the fever of grass beer, fried spring rolls, or cheese sticks that Ta Hien street suddenly turned into a teen snacking spot.
Short and narrow, but along the street, everywhere is a place for teenagers to meet groups. Only a few plastic chairs with a tray of food have turned into a party table for young people to trade melons all day.
The most crowded street is from about 5pm onwards. There are 2 models of the most" promising" shops on this street. One is the shops selling fried spring rolls, tornado potatoes, cheese sticks, lemon tea. The second is the beer shop serving many dishes such as spring rolls, boiled peanuts, spring rolls. In addition, sometimes there are tea shops, roasted birds, vermicelli, bread, etc., which are also quite famous. All are popular shops, so the prices are very affordable.
Grass beer on Ta Hien street.
Cheese sticks- the dish is very" popular" in this street.
The most difficult thing here is probably the traffic problem. Sometimes eating a plate of potatoes for only 25, 000, you have lost 10, 000- 15, 000 VND for parking.

3. Tong Duy Tan Street, Forbidden Alley
If we talk about food street, eating alley without mentioning Tong Duy Tan street and Cam Chi alley, it is incomplete. Because this place is also allowed by the state to build a monumental welcome gate called" Food Street".
Tong Duy Tan Street and Cam Chi Lane are connected, and for many years have formed a famous dining area of​​Hanoi. A special feature in this food street is that restaurants and eateries are allowed to open until late, so here from morning to night are all" peak hours".
Called" peak hour", that's all, but now, this street is fiercely competitive, no longer as expensive as before. Many people also said that they don't like to go to Cam Chi alley because they are afraid of being dragged out by the staff of the shop and" disappeared". The advantage here is serving many dishes, enough rice, pho, porridge, sticky rice, noodles, hot pot... but the disadvantage is that the price is not cheap.
However, there is a long cultural tradition, moreover, there is still a dish of a fried chicken island that is loved by many people, so at noon and night, this neighborhood is still crowded and is still considered one of the places to visit. delicious food spots of Hanoi.
Fried chicken island rice is a dish of Tong Duy Tan street.

4. Trang Tien Alley
Trang Tien Alley is located on a street of the same name and connects to Phan Chu Trinh Street. Coming here, it is not surprising when you see tall guys, dressed in polite suits and invited to eat tea or beautiful butterfly-dressed sisters with splendid makeup sitting and chatting with noodles with bean paste and shrimp paste.
Indeed, Trang Tien alley is not only popular with students but also office workers around here. There are many reasons for these elegant guests to fall in love with Trang Tien alley. Firstly, the central location, the alley is open and clean. Secondly, if you are" tormenting" yourself with the question" don't know what to eat now", then come here, you will find what you want. Along the alley, there are enough fried rice, fried noodles, fish vermicelli, mixed rice cakes, vermicelli with shrimp paste... for you to choose. Next to it, there are 1- 2 more tea, yogurt, and soy shops for dessert. The food in this area is not so excellent, just average, but in return," no matter what, anything is available". The most delicious is probably the super crowded noodle shop at the end of the alley, customers often wait in long queues.
And finally, the prices here are quite cheap compared to the downtown bars. Thanks to these advantages, Trang Tien alley is increasingly crowded.
Trang Tien Alley has a super crowded but cheap, delicious, and cheap shrimp paste noodle shop.

5. Dong Xuan Alley
If you want to find Dong Xuan alley, just go to Hang Chieu street and ask, everyone knows. The alley is small, narrow, sometimes people going in the opposite direction have to cleverly dodge each other, but just standing from the beginning of the alley you see a very crowded" dining community". And except for the dark night, Dong Xuan alley is always as bustling as a festival.
In this tiny alley, there are many delicious dishes for you. For savory meals, there are donuts, pillow cakes, and shrimp cakes at the beginning of the alley. A few more steps to the" notorious" bamboo noodle shop. Going deeper, there is also a famous noodle shop, which is" admired" by many customers. In addition, there is no shortage of sweet dishes such as corn tea, potatoes, cassava, mixed, caramel... In general, being a junkie, you can't help but explore this crowded alley.
The famous bamboo stick grilled vermicelli shop of Dong Xuan lane. 

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