How to Make Wafer Sheets

How to Make Wafer Sheets

Crispy, delicious waffle rolls are a part of childhood in your childhood. 
Today let's remake this familiar, dear snack.
Raw materials to prepare:
- 110gr of flour
- 100gr of butter
- 90gr of sugar
- 20gr sesame seeds
- 4 eggs

How to Make Wafer Sheets
How to Make Wafer Sheets

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My favorite is Nature Tourism and Culinary

Some vanilla or cinnamon powder
Step 1: Beat the egg with sugar, melt the butter and add it. 
You just need to beat for the sugar to dissolve, no need to beat the eggs! 
Step 2: Sift the flour and mix vanilla and sesame with eggs.
Step 3:- Heat the pan. Then, scoop in 1 teaspoon of flour and spread thinly. 
Medium heat.
Note: Use a non-stick pan and don't put oil in the pan!
Step 4: Wait for the edges of the cake to dry, then turn the surface of the cake and keep the pan on the stove until the cake turns golden brown, pick it up and quickly roll it up.

The waffle will become crunchy when allowed to cool completely!
Just sip, just review the childhood memories!
Crispy waffles are extremely attractive! 

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