Is Low Fat Cottage Cheese Good For You

Is Low Fat Cottage Cheese Good For You

When it comes to the word" cheese stick", people think of many different images. That's because cheese sticks come in many versions and flavors. Some cheese sticks are prepackaged and sold in the refrigerator of convenience stores, and some are displayed in the frozen section. You can also order pre- fried cheese sticks from the restaurant. With so many options, some nutritional information will help you in choosing the right cheese stick.

Is Low Fat Cottage Cheese Good For You
Is Low Fat Cottage Cheese Good For You

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Cheese sticks are made from many types of cheese and many ways of processing. Cheese type and cheese content will help determine the nutritional value as well as the calories and fat. For example, 28 grams of cheddar cheese contains 116 calories and 9. 8 grams of fat, while 28 grams of mozzarella cheese contains 88 calories and 6. 5 grams of fat.

The nutritional content of cottage cheese is determined by the type of cheese from which it is made. However, baked or fried breaded cheese sticks often have to factor in nutrients from the batter, seasoning, or other ingredients used as the coating. For example, Wingstreets cheese sticks sold at Pizza hut are fairly high in carbohydrates and sodium.

Nutritional ingredients
Bar cheese sticks slippery no powder coated, such as low- fat kind of Sargento Colby- Jack Sticks, which weighs 21gr a bar containing 60 calories. It contains 4. 5 grams of fat, 7% of the recommended daily fat intake( RDA for short); 10mgr cholesterol( 3% RDA), 135mgr sodium( 6% RDA); 0g carbohydrates and 5g protein. It also contains 4% RDA vitamin A, 15% RDA calcium.
With 4 cheese sticks, 96g, Wingstreets pre- fried variety, contains 310 calories with each 24g cheese stick containing nearly 77. 5 calories. So 4 cottage cheese sticks, contains 19g fat( 29% RDA); 30mgr cholesterol( 10% RDA); 810mgr sodium( 34% RDA); 25g carbohydrates( 8% RDA); 11 grams of protein( 22% of RDA). This is roughly equal to the nutritional value of Colby- Jack Sticks Sargento Colby- Jack Sticks reduced-fat cheese if you count per Wingstreet stick, except its much higher in sodium with added carbohydrates.

If you're counting calories but want to enjoy your cheese sticks, make sure you pay attention to the size composition and type of cheese you use, as well as the ingredients of the cheese dressing. if using flour). Cheese sticks made with low-fat cheese, like mozzarella, will help reduce calories significantly. 28 grams of reduced-fat mozzarella contains 55 calories, equal to the calories of 3. 2 grams of the unreduced variety. 28 grams of regular mozzarella cheese also contains only 88 calories, about the same number of calories as 6. 5 grams of full-fat cheese.
Remember that even though cheese is low in calories because it has been reduced in fat, it is still high in calcium, which if eaten in large quantities can lead to weight gain due to increased water content in the body.

Cheese often contains fat, and when you eat it in large quantities, the calories from fat can add up quite a bit. Aside from proportion control, the only way to avoid high-fat cheese is to eat only reduced-fat or fat-free varieties. You can also reduce the calories in cheese sticks by choosing plain cheese sticks and avoiding breaded or fried cheese sticks. 

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