Story About Pavlova Cake as Light as a Cloud

Story About Pavlova Cake as Light as a Cloud

The culinary world always has certain principles, and according to that concept, delicious food needs to ensure the most basic standards. 
However, in the pastry village, there is one type of cake that breaks the usual cooking rules and brings a very enjoyable experience for diners, which is a soft, cloudy Pavlova.

Story About Pavlova Cake as Light as a Cloud
Story About Pavlova Cake as Light as a Cloud

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From ballet to famous cake
Nobody can tell where and when Pavlova cake comes from. 
However, New Zealanders always believe that this cake is associated with an elegant and poetic story: Between 1926 and 1929, Anna Matveyevna Pavlova, the worlds leading ballerina at that time, has toured New Zealand and Australia. 
With gentle and skillful legs, it is said that she did not dance but glide on the stage. 
Annas's mesmerizing dance moves inspired chefs in New Zealand and Australia to create a soft, fluffy cake-like Annas flying toes.

Anna Pavlovas portrait
There is another story that Pavlova cake was named after the female ballerina died to commemorate her. 
To this day, New Zealand and Australians are still arguing about the homeland of this cake. 
Anyway, one thing that no one can deny is that Pavlova deserves to be seen as the most unique and elegant cake in the culinary village.

The cake does not need flour
When referring to Pavlova, we will immediately think of its outstanding features: Bread is not made from flour or other materials from cereals. 
Paavola cake is simply made from whipped egg whites with sugar( this mixture is called meringue); There is no sponge cake-like any other cream cake. 
Pavlova's filling is a sweet and spongy marshmallow. 
These ingredients create a cake with a puffy, soft, and attractive flavor that melts as soon as it touches the tip of the tongue.
With extremely fragile ingredients, creating a square Pavlova is not easy, requiring high technology in the baker. 
The egg whites must be separated very well so that they do not mix impurities, the egg whites must be beaten carefully so that the whites are hard enough to shape but still retain their characteristic soft and porous properties. 
The correct Pavlova cake will have light yellow skin, neither too hard nor too soft, and when cut, the marshmallow will shine on the inside.

Heaven for the fruits
Pavlova cake has a rich sweet taste because the baker will add a certain amount of sugar to the egg white to help shape the cake as well as create an eye-catching pale yellow color for the outer crust. 
People often use Pavlova with fresh fruits with a mildly sour taste to balance out the flavor. 
These fruits also become colorful accents on the elegant white cake background.
Strawberries are the most commonly used fruit to coat pavlova. 
Traditional Pavlova nests are indispensable to the bright red color of ripe strawberry
In addition to strawberries, Pavlova can also combine with many other delicious and sour fruits such as pineapple, plums, raspberries, blueberries,... In which, Pavlova kiwi is outstanding and interesting. 
What better combination and better combination than Pavlova cotton ice cream with green kiwi slices- the bold culinary identity of New Zealand country?
At the very beginning of her career, Anna Pavlova with her small feet and frail ankles was once judged to be physically inadequate to function in the dance profession. 
But it is that fragility that creates breathtaking dances. 
The Pavlova cake- like Anna- broke the rigid rules of baking techniques and ingredients, took the weakness in itself, and turned it into a unique, unmistakable feature. 
The vast pastry paradise of the world. 

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