10 Ways to Distinguish Original and Fake
Items Buy branded goods at low prices? It sounds tempting. What's more, if you know the price of the item you are looking for is slightly more expensive in the market.
Having branded clothes, shoes, or bags is indeed a matter of pride. Especially if these items are rare.

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Instead of being proud of the branded products you have, don't let yourself be tricked. Distinguishing genuine and fake branded goods does require carefulness. The rise of branded counterfeit goods, often found not much different from the original product.

Well, so that it is not mistaken and easy to recognize, here are the tips that are summarized for you, 10 Ways to Distinguish Original and Fake Goods.

1 - Check Seam Edge

Branded products such as bags, wallets, accessories, and clothing, are usually made with great care and attention. So, you need to check the neatness of the stitches. If you compare it with the original product, it will be very rare that there will not even be a messy seam.

2 - Pay attention to Material Quality

Generally, KW products themselves refer to the word 'quality, so the term 'KW 1' or 'KW Super' often appears. However, these products are still fake. Well, one way is to pay attention to the quality of the material. Is this material comfortable for you? How are the ingredients of the product in general? Generally, KW goods use thin fabrics and are quite hot. Not infrequently even almost transparent.

3 - See the Quality of Zipper

Zips are part of branded products that can be checked directly with the naked eye. If the zipper is strong enough and looks like it's made of good metal, the product is genuine. Zippers also usually have the same logo on the brand of goods. The most distinguishable, just try to pull the zipper. In the original item, the zipper can usually be moved smoothly and is not easily caught.

4 - Pay attention to the Logo

When you want to buy a branded product, you need to compare the logo with the details of the product logo that should be. Does it look just as well-placed and symmetrical?

Observe and pay close attention. Striking differences will be seen from the position of the letters or logo embroidered. On genuine branded products, the logo is usually flush with the surface of the item. While the fake ones appear to be sticking out and look rough because they are glued together.

5 - Check Labels and Buttons

For example, on the original branded clothes that you buy. Try to check the spare buttons on the label. Genuine products usually include additional buttons on the inside of the label. In addition, usually on the buttons, there is also a product brand.

While on the label, tag, and warranty card, make sure the wording is correct. On the original product, written with the origin of the country that made it (eg Made in Japan), not the name of the city.

6 - Pay attention to Product

Packaging Packaging is an important and very important thing for original branded products. No wonder, most of us tend to be fascinated first, right, seeing the attractive and neat packaging appearance?

Before checking the goods, of course, a brand wants to give a unique and unforgettable impression to its buyers. For this reason, original product packaging boxes or cloth bags are usually better than fake ones. The packaging box or bag is generally accompanied by an official logo, silica gel, a warranty card (certain), as well as for instructions for maintaining the goods.

7 - Compare Product Colors.

Original or fake products, you can also look at the color difference. Know correctly, the color of the branded product should be. There may be a lighter difference or even have a similar color type that is actually different.

For example, in the official catalog, the color of the bag you want to buy is maroon which looks darker. However, for counterfeit products sold in online shops or other physical stores, the red color is brighter and not the same. This does need to be extra careful, considering that comparing colors tend to be a bit difficult if you go through pictures alone. But this element can still be a consideration when assessing the objectivity of branded products.

8 - Check the Inner Upholstery

Check the inner upholstery of the product. Like in a bag or wallet, make sure the upholstery has an original motif, is not messy, or is placed upside down. In addition, the typical motif on the product, of course, the stitching looks neat.

9 - Check Barcode or serial number original

On certain products, there is a barcode and serial number. If you scan the barcode, it will usually automatically lead to the company's official website. The next method, please check whether the serial number is genuine or not on the branded product authentication site. This can be easily done by googling.

10 - Pay attention to the price

The least effective way is to check the price. If the item you want to buy is selling for a low price and claims to be genuine, it's very clear that it's a fake. Compare the price with the physical quality of the product. You also need to check the original price for consideration. Instead of looking for cheap but fake ones, second-hand or vintage stuff doesn't matter, right? The most important thing is the quality is number one

That's 10 Ways to Distinguish Original and Fake Items. Don't forget to make sure of the above on the branded goods you want to buy, OK? For a safe and easy way, make sure you shop only on the product's official website.

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