How to make American street food at home - French Fries - Ice Cream Sundae - Tacos


How to make American street food at home - French Fries -  Ice Cream Sundae - Tacos

Exploring a country certainly needs to enjoy various unforgettable experiences, including culinary. When you go to Uncle Sam's country, then you need to try the popular food in America too. Not without reason, many foods that are currently present in many countries come from this one superpower. Various variations and flavors that you have never tried before.

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Sometimes we also want to make it ourselves at home, one of them is the food below.

Number 1

How to make American street food at home - French Fries -  Ice Cream Sundae - Tacos
French Fries
French Fries
a snack that is arguably very popular in America is french fries, aka french fries. In fact, the popularity of french fries is also spread in the world. Many other places to eat inside and outside America that make it a favorite snack menu.
In fact, currently, there are a lot of french fries menus that not only have a savory taste, barbecue, black pepper to cheese are also toppings for this one food. Potatoes that have been fried very crispy with soft insides are indeed loved by many people and are often a side dish.

French Fries French Fries Recipe
How to Make French Fries Fries – Potatoes are a food ingredient that can be processed into a variety of food dishes. Starting from potato Balado, potato stir fry, potato curry.
The processed potato that will be shared this time is a recipe for crispy and savory french fries.

How to Make French Fries Fries
Starting from those who like to eat snacks, this time we also want to give a tutorial on how to make them. You need to know that making french fries, is indeed quite easy and difficult.
Because not a few people fail at the time of making the dough and the results are limp quickly. This will make the french fries no longer crunchy and savory when eaten.
However, this time we have summarized the information in a tutorial on how to make crispy and tasty fried potatoes. So you can be sure you will also be successful in making it.
So if you are curious about how to make these savory and durable french fries, please refer to the ingredients and steps below.

Check out this recipe for how to make savory French Fries:
Ingredients needed:
- 2 large size potatoes
- Salt to taste
- Cornstarch flour to taste
- Ice cubes to taste
- Adjusted clean water

Easy Ways to Make French Fries:
- Clean the potatoes first by peeling the skin until clean.
- Then cut the potato into a rectangular shape.
- If you have put it in clean water and soak it for about 30 minutes.
- Then fry the potatoes that have been cut into the preheated oil until they change color.
- Then lift and drain first.
- Take ice cubes and pour them into a container containing fried potatoes and let stand for about 30          minutes.
- If it has been drained first.
- Enter the fried potatoes that have been soaked in ice cubes into a container containing cornstarch until    evenly distributed and let stand
- again for about 30 minutes.
- Heat enough oil then fry the potatoes until crisp and tasty at a really hot temperature.
- Remove and drain first so that the oil that is still attached to the potatoes is gone.
- Then the french fries are ready to serve.

Serve this snack with tomato sauce or chili sauce according to your taste.

That's the latest information from us regarding the recipe for making savory and delicious French fries. This food menu is most suitable for those of you who like to eat snacks. Hope it is useful.

Number 2

How to make American street food at home - French Fries -  Ice Cream Sundae - Tacos
Ice Cream Sundae
Ice Cream Sundae
French fries aka french fries will not be complete if you do not choose a sundae as dessert. Yapm sundae is typical American ice cream with a sweet taste of fruit and various delicious toppings. Usually, this popular American dessert is made from whole milk. The deliciousness and softness of the ice cream sundae are perfect if you are hot.

How to make an easy and simple
ice cream sundae. Who doesn't know an ice cream sundae? very popular ice cream in America, such as Mcd, KFC, AW, etc. This ice cream is the same as ice cream in general, except that the ice cream sundae is topped with cream and melted chocolate or strawberries.
Who doesn't like ice cream on this one, surely everyone likes it, right? Surely when you were eating at the restaurant you ordered this one dessert, right? Come on, instead of buying it, it's better if we make it ourselves at home. It's quite easy. If we make it ourselves at home, we can save costs, friends. Let's follow how to make the following.

How to make Sundae Ice Cream
- Ice Cream
- 150 gr of powdered sugar
- 100 gr of vanilla ice cream powder
- 475 ml of liquid milk
- 2 eggs

- granulated sugar to taste
- 1 chocolate bar
- Almonds
- cream

How to make:
- Beat the powdered sugar and eggs using a mixer
- After that add the ice cream powder and beat again using a mixer until fluffy
- Then slowly pour in the milk while continuing to beat using a mixer on medium speed
- Beat continuously for about 10-15 minutes so that the dough is completely smooth. properly mixed        and fluffy
- Put the dough in the freezer for about 1 hour
- While waiting for the ice cream to freeze, we make the topping dough. Melt the chocolate bar and sugar to taste.
- After the ice cream dough freezes then put it in a glass and pour the melted chocolate, then add almonds and cream as a topping.
- Ice cream sundaes are ready to be enjoyed.

In addition to discussing how to make ice cream sundaes, street food will also share the nutritional content of ice cream sundaes and other recipes that are no less delicious than ice cream sundaes. Street Food will also share tips so that when we make ice cream at home it tastes just as delicious as ice cream at a restaurant. Let's read the following discussion.

About Ice Cream Sundaes
Ice cream sundaes are a sweet dessert. This food usually consists of one or more scoops of ice cream, which is given a thick sauce or syrup and topped with cream, cashews, almonds, chocolate, or fruit.

Ice Cream Sundae Nutritional Content
- Amount Per 100 g
- Calories (kcal) 180
- Total Fat 5 g
- Saturated fat 3.2 g
- Polyunsaturated fat 0.5 g
- Monounsaturated fat 1.5 g
- Cholesterol 13 mg
- Sodium 115 mg
- Potassium 250 mg
- Total Carbohydrates 30 g
- Dietary fiber 0 g
- Protein 3.6 g
- Caffeine 1 mg
- Vitamin A 140 IU Vitamin C 1.5 mg
- Calcium 131 mg Iron 0.4 mg
- Vitamin B6 0.1 mg Vitamin B12 0.4 g
- Magnesium 21 mg

How to Make Chocolate Sundae Balls
- 1/2 cup white chocolate chunks
- 2 pieces of brownie cake
- 1 scoop of vanilla ice cream
- strawberry

fruit blueberry fruit
- 1 chocolate bar
- 2/4 heavy cream

How to make :
- Melt the white chocolate and pour it into a ball mold. Pour in only the sides of the ball but don't pour all the sides of the ball, leaving a hole large enough to put the ice cream in. Then put it in the freezer to harden.
- After hardening, slowly remove the chocolate from the mold.
- Then prepare a serving plate. Place the brownie pieces and top with 1 scoop of vanilla ice cream, then cover with the chocolate ball.
- Garnish with sliced ​​strawberries and blueberries.
- Then heat 1 chocolate bar and 2/4 heavy cream to make the sauce mixture and stir until evenly distributed. Heat until melted.
- To enjoy this ice cream pour the chocolate sauce that was made earlier.

In addition to how to make an ice cream sundae, street food will also share tips so that the ice cream we make is soft and delicious. Let's see what these tips are.

Tips for Making Soft Ice Cream
1. Using Full Cream Milk
The main ingredient in making ice cream is cream, but if you don't have cream at home you can replace it with full cream milk or milk containing 10% fat. The fat content of the milk makes the ice cream not easy to harden even if it is frozen for a day.

2. Beat the Egg Yolks Until Completely Expanded
In the process of beating the egg yolks, first, make sure that the yolks really expand so that the fishy aroma and distinctive taste of the egg yolks are disguised. Egg yolk is often used as an emulsifier when making ice cream dough so that it can soften the ice cream. Tips so that when beating the egg yolks can expand perfectly, beat the egg yolks together with the sugar until they are pale yellow in color and have a thickened texture like cream. If the dough is like that, you can add other dough to be shaken again.

3. Freeze the Ice Cream Container before Use

Often when making your own ice cream the outside looks hard but the inside is still soft, that avoids this, freeze the container that will be used to put the ice cream first. Freeze approximately 24 hours before use. That way, the cold temperature of the container will make the ice cream freeze perfectly.

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4. Adding Flavors When Ice Cream Has Frozen
Often when making ice cream all the ingredients are immediately shaken together, but that's wrong. We should shake the ingredients one by one to avoid clumping or crystallization. Especially when you add flavorings. To keep the texture of the ice cream soft, it is better when giving the flavoring, let the ice cream dough freeze a little. Usually, the ice cream dough is allowed to freeze first for about 2-3 hours then add the flavorings and beat again so that the flavors are evenly mixed. Then re-frozen the ice cream mixture.

5. Cover the Ice Cream Container With Aluminum Foil
Often if we give something in the freezer, ice crystals will definitely appear on the surface, especially on ice cream. To avoid this we can cover the ice cream with aluminum foil. Aluminum foil can prevent the appearance of ice crystals on the surface of the ice cream. And can keep the ice cream creamy and soft even though

6. Repeating the Freezing and Shaking Process The
the last tip to keep the ice cream soft and creamy is to freeze the dough and knead the dough repeatedly. This is done so that the dough does not clump. First, we beat the ice cream dough, then freeze it for about 2-3 hours then beat the dough again for about 10-15 minutes then freeze it again. Do this process approximately 2-3 times so that the dough is really soft.

Those are the tips so that our homemade ice cream is soft like restaurant-style ice cream. Just make it easy, friends. Let's try to make it yourself at home. Besides being hygienic, we can also save costs, friends.
That's some information that can street food convey. Hopefully, this article can be useful for the readers. That is all and thank you!

Number 3

How to make American street food at home - French Fries -  Ice Cream Sundae - Tacos
The next delicious snack that is popular in the United States is tacos. Tacos are one of the menus that come in various variations and have very different presentations. Tacos are a native Mexican snack but are very popular with Americans.
This meal usually consists of a dry wheat tortilla and a mix of vegetables and meat. If you are hungry but don't want to be too full, tacos can be an option to fill your stomach. Tacos are most often eaten while relaxing with family or friends.

Recipes and How to Make Easy and Delicious Homemade Tacos Various Tacos Recipes
It feels incomplete, if you are a foreign culinary fan don't try tacos from Mexico. Try the following easy homemade taco recipes.
The famous Mexican cuisine besides burritos is tacos. Tacos are a traditional Mexican dish that uses meat, vegetables, and even fruit. To add flavor to the tacos, add coriander, tomatoes, salsa sauce, avocado, sliced ​​onions, lettuce, or guacamole.

Tacos had spread on Mexican soil before the arrival of Europeans. The first tacos introduced were tacos with the main filling of small fish. In addition to fish, you can make homemade tacos with filling ingredients including beef, chicken, seafood, or vegetables.
No need to go far to find tacos, these tacos can be easily made at home with simple ingredients. Delicious flavors can make gatherings with a family feel special. Come on, try the recipe here.

Homemade tacosHomemade
Recipes and How to Make Easy and DeliciousTacos

- Preparation: 20 minutes
- Cooking: 80 minutes
- Total: 100 minutes
- SERVING NUMBER: 5 Servings


- 5 Taco shell
- 100 gram Lettuce / Lettuce
- 2 Tomatoes, diced
- 2 Cheese, grated

- The first step is to heat the oil for frying
- Then add the stir fry onion, garlic until fragrant then stir until wilted
- Then add the minced meat until it changes color and emits a fragrant aroma
- Next pour the tomato sauce, Italian herbs than salt. Then little water and then cook on low heat
- add a- Then let the water shrink, add the paprika, let the peppers wilt, and are ready to be used for filling
- Meanwhile, to warm the tacos, use a taco shell were to warm it up according to the instructions on the package.
- Generally taco shell on a baking sheet, then bake for about 7 minutes using the temperature appropriate, until crispy.
- After that, put the lettuce into the taco using the filling and sprinkle with the tomatoes and grated cheese.
Serve it to your loved ones.

Tips for those of you who are trying the taco recipe at home. Bake the tacos using aluminum foil so they don't shrink in the middle. In addition, to heat the tortillas, you can follow the packaging instructions because each type of tortilla is different. Tortillas are warmed or put in the oven first to make the tacos crispier.

After you have tried the homemade taco recipe, you can try other variations of taco fillings available on our website You can also share your cooking experience with friends and family in the comments column provided below. Please share our recipe links via your social media accounts, as shown below. Good luck trying other taco recipes.

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