11 Best Japanese Foods & Dishes - What to Eat in Japan


11 Best Japanese Foods & Dishes - What to Eat in Japan

Japanese cuisine or Nihonry┼Źri is one of the many specialties in the world that are always favorites from time to time.
The world of international food has long made Japan one of the most delicious culinary producers in the world. No wonder that almost all over the world many Japanese foods are traded.
Many culinary hunters really want to directly visit the country that is often dubbed the land of the cherry or the land of the samurai to taste the legendary Japanese cuisine directly from the country of manufacture.

Here is a list of Japanese specialties that you absolutely must try.

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Number 1

11 Best Japanese Foods & Dishes - What to Eat in Japan
Tempura or Tempura is a typical Japanese food made from seafood or vegetables.
Tempura is made by dipping into a mixture of flour, egg yolk, and cold water, this mixture is called koromo, which is then deep-fried in cooking oil.
Tempura is served using a sauce called tentsuyu with grated radish or ginger added as a flavoring.
In addition, you can also use soy sauce, orange juice, and a mixture of table salt.
Tempura has a savory and delicious taste with a chewy texture, the price starts from $. 1.00/unit.

Number 2

11 Best Japanese Foods & Dishes - What to Eat in Japan
is rice that is cooked from Japanese rice and has a high starch content so it is easy to stick to one another.
Onigiri processing is usually filled with grilled salmon meat in the middle or other filling variants such as beef, chicken, and vegetables.
In addition, Onigiri can also be grilled after being coated with soy sauce or miso.
Onigiri has a savory and filling taste, the shape can be triangular, round, or cylindrical.
Onigiri is sold starting from $. 1.00/portion.

Number 3

11 Best Japanese Foods & Dishes - What to Eat in Japan
Udon is a noodle dish that has been known in Japan for a long time.
Udon is made from wheat flour with a rather thick and wide shape.
The process of making Udon is by kneading wheat flour with water and a little salt, after that the dough is cut into pieces and then boiled.
Udon is served with dashi sauce plus soy sauce or tsuyu.
Udon sauce in different regions can be different, some are dark and salty, some are clear and not salty.
As a complement, Udon is usually added to pieces of beef or chicken.
Udon is sold with prices starting from $. 2.00/portion.

Number 4

11 Best Japanese Foods & Dishes - What to Eat in Japan
One of the well-known processed rice foods from Japan is Sushi.
This food is formed with neta or side dishes in the form of raw or cooked seafood, meat, raw vegetables.
Rice in Sushi has a sour taste with a soft texture due to a mixture of rice vinegar, salt, and sugar.
The sushi itself means an adjective for sour taste in kanji.
Sushi consists of various types that are classified based on the shape of the rice, namely nigiri sushi, oshizushi, chirashizushi, inarizushi, and narezushi.
As a complement, Sushi is usually covered with sesame sauce, mirin, or apple juice, the price starts from $. 2.00/portion.

Number 5

11 Best Japanese Foods & Dishes - What to Eat in Japan
Sashimi is processed seafood that is fresh and eaten raw with seasonings such as soy sauce, grated ginger, or wasabi.
Sashimi is usually served in the form of small slices of fish, shellfish, or crayfish.
In addition, Sashimi can also be made from other than seafood such as raw pieces of horse meat, beef, chicken, to pieces of bean curd or Yuba.
To serve it usually includes tsuma which can be in the form of long cut radishes, green leaves called Oba or Aojiso, and seaweed such as Wakame and Tosakanori.
Sashimi has a savory and fresh taste, with prices starting from $. 2.00portion.

Number 6

11 Best Japanese Foods & Dishes - What to Eat in Japan
Yakiniku means grilled meat, as the name implies this food is processed by grilling or grilling it over a fire.
The meat used can be beef, pork, lamb, seafood, or grilled offal, similar to steak or barbecue.
Before grilling, the meat, seafood, or offal are dipped in tare sauce, which is made from a mixture of ingredients such as soy sauce, sake, sugar, and garlic.
Tare sauce itself consists of two types, namely niku tare (sesame) and Soto tare (without sesame).
As a complement, you can also add vegetables such as peppers and onions which are sometimes roasted.
Yakiniku has a distinctive taste of a mixture of sweet and salty. Prices start from $. 2.00/portion.

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Number 7

11 Best Japanese Foods & Dishes - What to Eat in Japan
Sukiyaki is a food consisting of thin slices of beef, vegetables, and tofu cooked on the table in an iron pan.
Sukiyaki is eaten by first dipping it into the beaten chicken egg.
There are two versions of the seasoning used in making Sukiyaki, namely the Kansai version of Sukiyaki which is cooked with soy sauce and sugar, and the Kanto version of Sukiyaki which is cooked using Warishita sauce, which is a mixture of dashi, soy sauce, sugar, and mirin that have been cooked.
As a complement to Sukiyaki, vegetables are usually added such as onions, shiitake mushrooms, chicory, and ito konnyaku which is shaped like vermicelli.
Sukiyaki tastes savory, unique, and distinctive with prices starting from $. 2.00/portion.

Number 8

11 Best Japanese Foods & Dishes - What to Eat in Japan
A well-known Japanese noodle dish is Ramen, this food comes from China and Japanese people usually call it Chuka soba.
The hallmark of ramen is in its presentation, in which the boiled noodles are poured into a bowl of broth, boiled eggs, chasiu, menma are added, sliced ​​scallions as a side dish or flavoring, and nori or narutomaki are added for garnish.
Original Japanese ramen varies by region of origin such as from Hokkaido, Aomori, Kanto, Shinetsu, Tokai, Kinki, Chugoku, and Kyushu.
Ramen has a savory and distinctive taste, delicious when eaten warm with prices starting from $. 2.00/portion.

Number 9

11 Best Japanese Foods & Dishes - What to Eat in Japan
Takoyaki is a typical snack from the Kansai region in Japan, in the form of small balls 3-5 cm in diameter made from wheat flour dough filled with pieces of octopus inside.
Takoyaki is usually sold on street food and eaten using toothpicks or disposable chopsticks.
Additional ingredients that are sometimes used in takoyaki dough are baking powder or red pickled ginger called benishoga.
While the sauce used during serving is okonomiyaki sauce.
Takoyaki has several variants in the form of plain Takoyaki, Takoyaki sauce, soy sauce Takoyaki, and Akashiyaki, the taste is unique and delicious.
Prices start from $. 1.00/portion.

Number 10

11 Best Japanese Foods & Dishes - What to Eat in Japan
A typical Japanese cake called Mochi is made from glutinous rice that is pounded until it is soft and feels sticky, then shaped into a round, processed by boiling or baking.
Mochi is often made and eaten during Japanese New Year celebrations or mochitsuki, but can also be found in gift shops every day.
Mochi has a distinctive taste, which is soft and slightly chewy when eaten and then feels sticky in the mouth for a long time.
Mochi has a variety of fillings ranging from nuts to ice cream. Prices start from $. 2.00/pack.

Number 11

11 Best Japanese Foods & Dishes - What to Eat in Japan
Miso Soup Miso
Miso Soup Miso
soup or miso shiru is a typical Japanese soup dish made from dashi which is added with seafood or vegetables as filling and miso is added as a flavoring.
Generally, Miso Soup is served with white rice and is usually used as a breakfast menu.
The type of miso used for soup in Japan varies depending on the region, some use Shinshu miso, Hatcho Miso, and Siro miso.
The taste of Miso Soup itself is savory and distinctive, depending on the type of miso used, the quality of the dashi, and the skill of the person who makes it.
The price of Miso Soup starts from $. 2.00/portion.

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