Drinks in Japanese: Top 8 Japanese original drinks - You Must Try


Drinks in Japanese: Top 8 Japanese original drinks - You Must Try

land of the rising sun or Japan does have many other unique features among other countries.

It's quite difficult to digest but this is indeed a privilege that Japan has because apart from being one of the developed countries, Japan also maintains the privileges given by its ancestors in the form of culture.

Of course, culture is a valuable heritage that must be preserved and introduced, and it is proven by the globalization of Japanese culture which is widely known by various people from other countries.

In Japanese culture, there are various fairly rapid developments, one of which is in the culinary field.

Japanese cuisine includes Japanese specialties, Japanese drinks, and Japanese snacks which are also experiencing rapid development and are known throughout the world.

There are so many special drinks that have been developed and can become a special attraction, in fact, they are widely available in various other countries and not only in Japan.

To find out what kind of drink it is, we just know together as below.

Japanese Drink

Top 8 Japanese original drinks - You Must Try

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Number 1

Drinks in Japanese: Top 8 Japanese original drinks - You Must Try


The first traditional Japanese drink that you can try is amazake, this drink is a traditional drink made from fermented rice.

Although made from fermentation, amazake is not a liquor that contains alcohol but may contain alcohol because it depends on the recipe made.

To enjoy amazake you can find it at festivals such as matsuri, if you want it more delicious, this drink is very suitable to be enjoyed in winter.

As an illustration of this drink, amazake is a white drink with a tantalizing aroma.

The way of serving amazake is served hot, which is definitely very effective in removing the cold from the body.

Number 2

Drinks in Japanese: Top 8 Japanese original drinks - You Must Try


Maybe many think that Aojiru is a Japanese drink made from green tea because, in terms of color, it is very closely related to the characteristics of green tea that are commonly known.

But that's actually wrong because aojiru is a typical Japanese drink made from kale or barley (young barley grass).

Although it seems a little strange when kale or grass is processed into a drink, in Japan, aojiru is indeed a healthy drink that is good for beauty with vegetable ingredients.

If you are interested in trying aojiru, this drink is mostly provided in powder form.

Number 3

Drinks in Japanese: Top 8 Japanese original drinks - You Must Try


Matcha is a powdered green tea that is made by grinding until smooth.

In Japan, Matcha is a formal drink such as a ceremony or a drink for guests who come to the house.

For the manufacture of matcha, this drink can be served in 2 variants, namely thick tea or thin tea, in Japan it is called koicha (strong tea) and usucha (watered tea).

To get the right variant, it is very important to pay attention to the amount of powder so that the consistency or dilution level of matcha matches the desired variant.

Then don't forget to stir the matcha, but this drink has its own stirrer, not a spoon, using a tool called a chasen.

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Number 4

Drinks in Japanese: Top 8 Japanese original drinks - You Must Try


Still, in the same family as tea, this drink called Mugicha also has versions from China and Korea, but of course with some differences and similarities.

In Japan, Mugicha is very popular and is widely served in the summer. Mugicha is easily found in various places by serving in a tea bag or bottle.

Mugicha is a tea drink made from barley. In east Asia, barley is a staple food that is widely consumed.

For the Mugicha taste, this barley tea has a warm taste with a slightly bitter taste combination.

Number 5

Drinks in Japanese: Top 8 Japanese original drinks - You Must Try


Heritage from Japan is indeed able to spread to various countries until finally many tourist attractions in the world are trying to imitate it.

There have been many tourist attractions that have tried to replicate Japanese culture which is commonly known by many people.

Like this one tea drink, surely you also know it. The drink is Ocha, Ocha is a tea drink that is almost the same as Matcha.

Ocha is a green tea drink made from tea leaves that are still somewhat intact.

This is what distinguishes it from Ocha and Matcha, Ocha is a tea drink served with whole tea leaves, while Matcha is a tea drink served in the form of powder.

As for the Ocha taste, it has a distinctive taste of fresh tea leaves, while Matcha has a slightly creamy taste.

Number 6

Drinks in Japanese: Top 8 Japanese original drinks - You Must Try


Satisfied with the discussion of various Japanese drinks in the form of tea, now we continue our adventure to enjoy other Japanese drinks.

This time there is oshiruko, oshiruko is a traditional Japanese dish that is usually served with dessert.

The oshiruko form consists of mochi and red bean sauce that tastes sweet with a thick texture.

In the mention of oshiruko there is an additional word "O" at the beginning of the sentence, so Oshiruko.

In Japan, Oshiruko or oshiruko is very popular with children and women.

Number 7

Drinks in Japanese: Top 8 Japanese original drinks - You Must Try


We are back to tea drinks, this time there is Sobacha or buckwheat tea that you can try to enjoy while visiting Japan.

Actually, buckwheat tea is not only found in Japan but also in Korea and China, it's just that the mention of buckwheat tea in these 3 countries is different from each other.

For Japanese buckwheat tea, it is tea made from roasted buckwheat, and just like other types of tea, Sobacha makes an excellent dish to drink in cold or hot weather.

Number 8

Drinks in Japanese: Top 8 Japanese original drinks - You Must Try


The last Japanese drink is the ultimate drink from the land of sakura, namely sake.

Besides being famous for a variety of tea drinks, Japan also has a special drink that is liked by almost all adults.

The making of sake is fairly similar to other alcoholic drinks, namely by the fermentation process. The most commonly used ingredient is rice, with a mixture of water processed through a fermentation process.

Even though it is fairly easy, making this sake requires special skills so that the resulting taste is more stable.

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