Indian food: 11 Most Popular Indian Foods


Indian food: 11 Most Popular Indian Foods

India is a country in southern Asia or is in the Indian subcontinent.
Indian cuisine is known to be unique, especially because of the use of special spices and vegetables that grow on the plains of India.
In addition, Indian cuisine also reflects the diversity of climate, culture, demographics, and religion.
In addition, interactions with countries in Central Asia and its surroundings also give Indian food its own color. Here are some of them:

Indian food

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Number 1

Indian food: 11 Most Popular Indian Foods


Biryani is a dish made from rice. This Indian food was introduced by travelers and traders from Persia.
Biryani name also comes from the Persian language which means fried or grilled.
Biryani usually uses basmati rice, then cooked with spices and added vegetables or meat.
The rice is mixed in the seasoned broth, tightly covered in a saucepan, and then cooked. Biryani has a savory taste and is rich in distinctive spices.

Number 2

Indian food: 11 Most Popular Indian Foods


the food called Masala Dosa may sound unique in Indonesian.
It turns out that food which is also often called Dosha or Dose can make the stomach full.
Originating from South India, these crepes are made from fermented rice and black beans.
Masala Dosha is usually used as a snack or breakfast menu with a filling in the form of a mixture of mashed potatoes and spices.
Even Dosha was ranked 49 on the list of 50 delicious foods in the world.

Number 3

Indian food: 11 Most Popular Indian Foods
Sambar and Idli

Sambar and Idli

Sambar and Idli are traditional foods from South India.
Sambar is made from fermented lentils and steamed rice. Usually, Idli is eaten along with spicy vegetable curry.
Meanwhile, Idli is made from vegetables and is in the form of a sauce. Despite the spicy taste, Sambar and Idli have a fairly low-fat content, so they are liked by many people.
These two pairs are indeed combined in one dish.

Number 4

Indian food: 11 Most Popular Indian Foods
Kathi Roll

Kathi Roll

One of the most popular street food in India is Kathi Roll.
This food is made from pieces of chicken cooked using special herbs and spices.
Some of the spices used include masala and Indian spicy.
Kathi Rolls are made by cooking chicken pieces and then rolling them in a sheet of tortilla skin dough.
After that, it is then baked on a flat pan until the tortilla skin is cooked.
Kathir Roll has a savory taste and a rich flavor of spices.

Number 5

Indian food: 11 Most Popular Indian Foods
Chana Masala

Chana Masala

Chana Masala or also called by names like Chennai or Chole is a typical food from North India.
The main ingredient used to make Chana Masala is chickpeas called Chana or Kala Chana.
Chana beans are twice the diameter of a typical chickpea.
In addition, the peculiarity of Chana beans is their strong taste and firmer texture after cooking.
Chana Masala has a distinctive taste and is usually eaten with puri or Indian bread.

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Number 6

Indian food: 11 Most Popular Indian Foods


This Indian savory snack is called Chaat.
Chaat is a street food menu that is quite popular in India and its surroundings.
The name Chaat comes from the Hindi words cat which means delicacy and catna which means to lick.
Chaat is made from potato, crispy fried bread, chickpeas, salty spices, and sour Indian chili.
In addition, usually, Chaat is served with yogurt and green coriander leaves, Chaat is a food originating from northern India, or to be precise from Uttar Pradesh.

Number 7

Indian food: 11 Most Popular Indian Foods


One of the typical Indian bread is Chapati, which is made from wheat flour.
Chapati is thin and deliberately made not to expand. Chapati is often referred to as bread by Indians.
The taste of Chapati is also like bread, tasteless or tasteless. This is because Chapati is made without the use of flavors.
That's why Chapati is usually eaten with side dishes or seasoned dishes.
Apart from that, there are also some Chapatis made with lentils, paneer, or other vegetables.

Number 8

Indian food: 11 Most Popular Indian Foods


This Indian appetizer is called Papadum and is a bread dish.
Papadum is made from wheat flour and rice flour, some sometimes also use a mixture of potato flour.
Papadum is made by frying or grilling it over coals. As a companion, this food is usually served with pickles.

Number 9



Chicken. This typical chicken dish from the Punjab region is called Tandoori Chicken.
This dish has existed since the time of the Mughal sultanate in South Asia and even spread to Central Asia and Southeast Asia.
Tandoori chicken is made from chicken marinated in thick sour milk with garam masala, Indian spices, and pepper.
In addition, Tandoori Chicken is usually red in color, derived from red pepper, chili powder, and other spices.
Tandoor itself comes from a typical Indian cooking method using a clay jar-shaped stove.
Tandoori chicken has a distinctive savory and spicy taste.

Number 10

Indian food: 11 Most Popular Indian Foods


light snack with a sweet taste is called Jalebi. This food is often consumed as an iftar dish during the fasting month.
Jalebi dough is made from a mixture of maida flour or wheat flour, turmeric, and Indian butter, which is molded in a curved and twisted shape, which at first glance looks like a typical European cake pretzel.
Jalebi is processed by frying, with the dough dipped in syrup first.
Jalebi is usually served warm or cold, the texture is a bit chewy. Jalebi is a dessert that is also commonly eaten with curd or rabri and kewra or scented water.

Number 11

Indian food: 11 Most Popular Indian Foods

Samos a

Samosa is a vegetarian Indian dish made from maida flour or wheat flour, potatoes, onions, spices, and green chilies.
The term samosa comes from the Persian sanbosag, which means crescent-shaped.
Samosa is indeed a kind of triangular pastry that has a filling.
Samosas are made by frying so that they have a crunchy texture.
It is said that Samosa has been popular in South Asia since before the 10th century from the Central Asian region.

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