Italian food: 11 List of Italian Dishes You Must Try


Italian food: 11 List of Italian Dishes You Must Try

is a country in Europe located on the Mediterranean peninsula which is famous as a place for Spaghetti.
Italy does have a culinary culture that is quite old, starting from the influence of Greek, Roman, European, and even Arab cultures.
Besides Pizza and Spaghetti, it turns out that Italy has a variety of culinary treasures that tempt the taste buds. Some of them are as follows:

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Italian food

Number 1

Italian food: 11 List of Italian Dishes You Must Try


Pizza is the most famous Italian food in the world.
This savory dish of round and flatbread is usually covered with sauce and cheese and various toppings.
The way to cook it is usually baked in the oven.
Various ingredients that are often used on pizza include meats such as ham, bacon, and pepperoni, fruits such as pineapple and olives, and vegetables such as chilies and peppers.
The bread is made like bread in general but is usually given additional flavor from various additional ingredients.
To enjoy the taste of this classic Italian pizza, we don't need to go far to Italy.

Number 2
Italian food: 11 List of Italian Dishes You Must Try


One type of Italian pasta food that is very well known is Spaghetti.
Having a long, thin, cylindrical, and dense shape, this food resembles noodles in general.
The basic ingredients used to make Spaghetti are ground wheat and water, in Italy, the type of wheat used is durum wheat.
Spaghetti literally comes from the word 'Spago' which means thin rope or thread.
Spaghetti can be served wet or dry, with a soft texture and delicious taste.

Number 3

Italian food: 11 List of Italian Dishes You Must Try


Lasagna is a type of pasta baked in the oven and is one of the traditional Italian foods.
Lasagna literally comes from the word 'lasagne' which means filled with meat.
In addition to meat, Lasagne can actually be filled with many other fillings such as vegetables, seafood, and so on.
The skin of the wrapper itself comes from a wheat flour dough, which is then baked until cooked along with the filling.
Lasagna has a savory and delicious taste with a soft texture.

Number 4

Italian food: 11 List of Italian Dishes You Must Try


This ring-shaped pasta dish is called Tortellini.
Sometimes this food is also described as shaped like a navel and is nicknamed the Ombelico.
Tortellini are usually filled with mixed meats such as roast pork or prosciutto, as well as cheese.
This food originally came from the Emilia region of Italy, especially the Bologna and Modena regions.
Tortellini can be found in restaurants around the world in the form of a meal or sold in shopping centers in the form of packaged or frozen food.

Number 5

Italian food: 11 List of Italian Dishes You Must Try
Fettucini Alfredo

Fettucini Alfredo

When the cheese melts then the ingredients are made into a sauce mixed with the fettuccine pasta.
The name Alfredo itself is taken from the name Alfredo di Lelio, who served this dish at his diner in Rome in the early to the mid-20th century.
Fettucini Alfredo has a soft texture and a savory and delicious taste. Another uniqueness lies in the thick Alfredo sauce which is varied with heavy cream.

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Number 6

Italian food: 11 List of Italian Dishes You Must Try


Ravioli is a type of dumpling that has a filling inside and is covered with a thin paste of dough.
Ravioli is usually enjoyed together with sauce and broth to add flavor.
This type of food is included in traditional Italian cuisine.
Ravioli are generally square in shape, although there are other shapes such as circles and semicircles as well.
Ravioli's name originally appears in the personal letters of Francesco di Marco Datini, a merchant from the Prato area in the 14th century.

Number 7

Italian food: 11 List of Italian Dishes You Must Try


This typical Italian bread in the shape of a triangular cut is called Tramezzino.
This bread is made using two soft white loaves of bread and the edges are removed.
Tramezzino is a sandwich that is popular as a snack.
The fillings themselves are generally tuna, olives, and prosciutto, but various other fillings are used as well.
Tramezzino was originally made at Cafe Mulassano in the Piazza Castello region, in Turin. Apart from being appetizing, Tramezzino is also healthier.

Number 8

Italian food: 11 List of Italian Dishes You Must Try


Panini is a sandwich which is a typical Italian food.
For most English-speaking countries, the word 'panini' is the plural of 'Panino' which means sandwich.
Panini usually uses whole bread that is baked and does not use sliced ​​​​bread.
The types of bread commonly used are baguette, ciabatta, rosetta, and michetta.
The inside contains processed meat fillings such as salami, mortadella, and prosciutto as well as cheese, sliced ​​tomatoes, and tuna, and is usually served warm.

Number 9

Italian food: 11 List of Italian Dishes You Must Try


This Italian bread has a ring shape that resembles a donut.
Friselle is the name, the difference lies in the top which is given a topping.
Some of the toppings used are generally chopped fresh tomatoes along with thyme leaves and olive oil.
In addition, sometimes Friselle is also given additional seafood to add variety to the taste.
Friselle has a distinctive crunchy and crunchy texture. Usually, this bread is often used as a breakfast menu by the Italian people, along with coffee drinks.

Number 10

Italian food: 11 List of Italian Dishes You Must Try
Ciabatta White

Ciabatta White

A typical bread from Italy is Ciabatta which has a denser texture than white bread in general.
Its flat grilled shape makes Ciabatta often used as sandwich bread or Panini.
Because this bread is indeed very suitable to be combined with fillings such as smoked meat, sliced ​​pork, cheese, and various vegetables such as tomatoes and lettuce.
After that Ciabatta is usually enjoyed together with the filling by baking it first until the outside of the bread looks brown.

Number 11

Italian food: 11 List of Italian Dishes You Must Try


Saltimbocca is beef that is thinly sliced ​​and cooked with salted prosciutto together using a toothpick.
There are two ways to get this dish, the first is to order it at a well-known restaurant.
The second is to take a special class for making Saltimbocca in the City of Rome.
Because this food is very limited and the ingredients can be known through the class.

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