How to Make Sushi - Glow Rolls | Sushi Recipes Homemade


How to Make Sushi - Glow Rolls | Sushi recipes homemade

One of the famous processed rice foods from Japan is Sushi.
This food is made with neta or side dishes in the form of raw or cooked seafood, meat, raw vegetables.
Rice in Sushi has a sour taste with a soft texture due to a mixture of rice vinegar, salt, and sugar.
The sushi itself means an adjective for the sour taste in starch.
Sushi consists of various types which are classified based on the shape of the rice, namely nigiri sushi, oshizushi, chirashizushi, inarizushi, and narezushi.

How to Make Sushi - Glow Rolls | Sushi Recipes Homemade
Sushi Recipes
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Because of the popularity of this typical Japanese dish, many people want to try to make it themselves at home.
many of his creations from sushi recipes are posted on the internet. Most Japanese Sushi recipes have been heavily modified with other ingredients so that they are slightly different in terms of taste.

How to Make Delicious Japanese Sushi

To get the taste of authentic Japanese Sushi, of course, we need the original version of the Sushi recipe. This dish is relatively easy to make and can be practiced by anyone at home.
Even now children in schools have started to be taught how to make Japanese sushi.

Find out how to make this tasty Japanese sushi

ingredients for rice Sushi:

- 150 grams of rice Japan (could have rice imports)
- 1/5 tablespoons rice vinegar
- 1 cup of boiled water
- salt and sugar to taste

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Ingredients for Sushi :

- 6 pieces of avocado (washed and then cut lengthwise)
- 8 pieces of Japanese cucumber (washed thoroughly, remove the seeds, and cut lengthwise)
- 2 pieces of nori (choose the size 19 cm x 20 cm)
- 6 pieces of crab (choose stick shape) )
- 1/2 teaspoon black sesame (roasted)
- 1/2 teaspoon white sesame (roasted)

Steps on how to make sushi:

1 - Prepare rice for Sushi rice, wash thoroughly and drain.
2 - Mix the rice with 200 ml of water and cook in the rice cooker until cooked.
3 - If it is cooked, pour the rice in hot conditions, let stand for a while then we mix it with rice vinegar, salt, sugar and stir until completely smooth then cover with a cloth or clean cloth.
4 - When it's cold, take the Sushi rice, then roll it into fists (size according to taste) and then place it on the nori sheet and flatten it (the nori sheet is left 1 cm from the end).
5 - Sprinkle black sesame and white sesame evenly to make it look attractive.
6 - Next, turn the Sushi rice on woven bamboo (or also known as Makisu) then we arrange crab sticks, avocado, and cucumber then roll it up and compact it.
7 - At this stage, the making of Japanese Sushi is complete and delicious Sushi is ready to be served.

This original version of the Japanese sushi recipe may be quite difficult to come by. So if we want to make it, we can look for it in the supermarket, because maybe these ingredients are not sold in the nearest store or stall.

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